Tasks of all kinds

Confirm carries out projects ranging from minor programming tasks to larger projects comprising hardware supply, integration with other systems, and coordination of subsuppliers.

We provide solutions in close collaboration with our customers, according to agreed time plans and with quality in pride of place. Our extensive experience with GMP and GAMP, in combination with our knowledge of processes and understanding of the commercial side of projects, ensure our choice of optimal solutions from both technical and documentation points of view.

Simple and effective project execution 

Our culture of improvement, with a sustained wish of doing things in an optimal manner, is reflected in our project work. We always try to use the most efficient methods, thus boosting efficiency and quality.

Keyword: Communication

You, the customer, will have direct contact with the project leader, so that you can concentrate, in collaboration, to reach a common goal and to adjust the project if necessary. The project leader’s experience and communication skills ensure that project members receive the relevant information and create an overview so that all concerned follow a common course.

At Confirm, we give a high priority to communication, admitting that this is the most challenging point for most projects. We take pride in eliminating misunderstandings before commencing tasks and sub-tasks. It is important that all concerned agree on the goal.