From advanced DCS systems to SCADA/PLC

At Confirm, we have worked with a wide range of DCS systems (PCS-7, DeltaV, SattLine etc…) as well as with SCADA/PLC solutions with almost all common PLC makes, SCADA systems, data loggers et cetera.

IT-wise, we have extensive experience in relation-databases, thus using also SQLserver® for our own SLdoc®, which is a unique tool for the documentation of SattLine applications.

We utilize S88 and GAMP towards even better automation solutions

We have chosen to specialize in S88 and GAMP since we are convinced of the importance of supplier and customer possessing a ’common language’. We appreciate the value of ‘talking about the same thing’ and have chosen to support the dissemination of GAMP by, among other means, conducting GAMP 5 introductory courses.

We supply knowledge in all phases of an automation project


        • Conceptual Design
        • Basic Design
        • Specification requirements (URS, technical requirements)
        • Operation specifications
        • Other design specifications (software, hardware, module)
        • Programming
        • FAT/running-in/SAT
        • Qualification IQ/OQ
        • Service/Support
        • Migration

Communication is the ’extra gear’

Based on common experience, a project’s failure seldom comes down to technical aspects. The reason is more often to be found within organization and communication.

Finding a programmer to program an operation is always possible. It gets more complicated if the programmer must also be able to tell the end user what the program actually does. We take pride, therefore, in following up on a task all the way through, to make sure that the end user is also involved in the process.