Expert advice

The “customer’s man” – and then some.

A Confirm consultant aims at generating the best solution for the customer.

Thorough focus on professional competence and state-of-the-art technical solutions, combined with understanding of process- and commercial aspects of the tasks, makes it possible for us to provide not only efficient performance but also competent feedback.

We are convinced that a consultant must view the project in its entirety, although the focus naturlly is on technical solutions. By engaging a consultant from Confirm, you get a teammate who is 100% loyal and positive and who also takes the longer view.

Knowledgable engineers with drive

Confirm’s automation specialists are engineers possessing profound knowledge and wide experience within industrial automation and GMP/GAMP.

Confirm can offer you expert advice from our specialists, project leaders and project team members, for specific projects and for shorter or longer periods of time. Confirm will be your teammate with focus on product quality and incremented value for your company.

Evaluation of performance, always

We can improve only if we dare say what does not function optimally.

Out of respect for all parties concerned, and as an expression of our wish to do things optimally, we ask our customers to evaluate Confirm’s consultants on an ongoing basis. We do this both to ensure customer satisfaction and in order to discuss possible adjustments/relevant further training, and, not least, out of respect for both customer and consultant, since direct and constructive feedback serves to enhance mutual understanding and respect.